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Dear customer

Pleasure to have you checking in on our page!

We are specialised in trading
· demountable campers
· pickup-trucks
· oldtimers, and
· military vehicles.

Sorry we have not been able to translate each entry on our homepage. If you are interested in an untranslated entry, please send us an email. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

How to navigate on our page
You are interested in demountable campers?
Please click Angebote Wohnkabinen and browse the stock list.

You are interested in a particular item on sale?
Please click on the picture and find a German description of the item.

You would like to be provided with more information?
Please click on “Bilder,” download button “Weitere Bilder und Anfrage”.

This will usually give you access to 20 – 40 pics of the item in question.

You would like to contact us?
Please click on Kontakt and drop us an email.

Our customers can expect full support in export registration procedures and choice of appropriate shipping method.

We also offer a personal airport transfer service. Dortmund and Duesseldorf airports are within close range.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Wohnkabinencenter Team